Design & Build electrical wiring and lighting control systems

New Energy Services of Colorado simplify the electrical wiring design and build systems providing State-Of-The-Art options for businesses to improve their facilities economic and environmental impact.

We endeavor to work directly with your team to meet the necessities of your business while utilizing energy saving solutions to reduce the cost required to operate and maintain your company while creating a beautiful, productive and energy efficient working atmosphere.

Your Colorado Electricians!



Lighting, Costs & Environments

New Energy Services of Colorado simplifies the design, product knowledge, and installation of flexible and scalable commercial electrical wireless lighting control systems.

Remotely set up and control every space of your building with a smartphone or computer. Name rooms, set up a time clock for schedule events, adjust dimmers, execute temporary overrides, and turn lights on and off.

Also, obtain usage reports to justify budgets and track energy consumption, and add centralized network management.

Harvesting The Daylight

Reduce costs by managing the energy of automated overhead lighting systems along with management techniques.

+ Dimmer Switches
+ Utilizing zones to stagger the dimming and switching of lighting loads

Energy Efficient
+ Financial Savings
+ Flexible, Scalable & Automated
+ Stand Alone Systems
+ Fully Integrated HVAC Systems
+ Smart Phone Technology Control


LED Technology

Productive & Energy Efficient Working Atmospheres

Compared to older lighting technologies including incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs have numerous advantages, including less energy consumption/high efficiency, longer lifespan, more compact size, increased robustness, improved brightness. There are also fewer environmental issues linked to the disposal of LEDs.

When switching to LED lighting companies report consuming almost 50 percent less energy over conventional lighting technologies.

Additional LED lighting products are available including various other types of downlight and spotlight, retrofitted light bulbs, tube lights, and strips lights (whether rigid or flexible).



Full-Service Electrical Wiring & Lighting Solutions

New Energy Services of Colorado with our licensed electricians well versed in the ever-changing local building department electrical code requirements provides the sensible electrician wiring designed systems, installation, and maintenance for your power, controlled lighting, and energy efficient commercial projects.

We integrate the electrical systems/services enabling easy monitoring, management, and energy saving solutions to harvest your buildings natural energy. Your Colorado Electricians!