Electrician services for New Builds, kitchen & bathroom remodels, or repairs.

With increasing levels of your standard of living, New Energy Services of Colorado provides the design, installation, and services for integrated electrical, home automation, photovoltaic solar, communication, indoor/outdoor lighting, and entertainment systems - giving keen attention to energy efficiency and cost-saving solutions.

Your Colorado Electricians!

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Restore, Gather & Protect

Curate & Restore Energy For Home Life

More than an asset, home is where we escape the grind, relax, restore our families energy, celebrate, entertain, and protect our loved ones.

New Energy Services of Colorado and our experienced licensed electricians provide the sensible designed electrical systems, lighting, and wiring services powering your home and families atmosphere while introducing cost savings measures, improving efficiency and replenishing energy.


Relaxing Home Spaces

Invest in the areas of your home to create and restore energy

Increase the value of your home, fix out of date electrical wiring methods, add energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, automated heated flooring creating modern & luxurious atmospheres. Your Colorado Electrician New Energy Services of Colorado.


Energy Efficient

Cost Saving Solutions

New Energy Services of Colorado provides the Design/Build electrical services outfitting your home with the State-Of-The-Art lighting, power, energy efficient, and electrician wiring systems.

+ Lighting Control
+ LED Lights
+ LED Bulbs
+ Can Lighting Upgrading to LED inserts
+ Integrated Electrical
+ Home Automation
+ Photovoltaic Solar
+ Communications
+ Indoor/Outdoor lighting
+ Entertainment Systems
+ Through Home Surround Sound
+ Custom Designed Home Theater


Upgrades & Electrical Fixes

+ Improvements & Electrical Fixes

+ Residential Rewire

+ Kitchen Remodels

+ Bathroom Remodels

+ Electrical Panel Service Upgrades

+ Outdoor Environment Lighting

+ Indoor Environment Lighting

+ Fully Integrated HVAC Systems

+ Circuit & GFI Upgrades

+ Smart Phone Controls



Safety & Electrical Building Code Compliance

New Energy Services of Colorado provides the safety measures and compliance with the local building departments electrical code requirements keeping your home safe and protected.

+ Smoke and Co2 Detectors
+ Faulty Outlet, Fan, and Light Rewires
+ Local Building Code upgrades for compliance and safety
+ Security